Another Way With Prime Rib Roast

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About Another Way With Prime Rib Roast

I must write about this experience with an unexpected prime rib roast. I wrote about how to cook one already, but this was an experiment that turned out quite well. I surprised myself! I was not expecting the roast and certainly did not expect to cook it the same day.

Usually at Christmas we have snow on the ground and temperatures in the teens and we would not be thinking about cooking on a weber kettle. This year we have no snow and temperatures around forty degrees so the weber kettle was taken out of hibernation and the plan was to cook a turkey. Well plans changed as the prime rib roast appeared.

My company was from out of state and they wanted the roast for Christmas. Now I love to cook and I always roast prime rib in the oven because the fat cap on the roast bastes the meat to perfection. But there was a problem, this roast had no fat cap! I instantly began to panic. What was I supposed to do to ensure a tender roast? Well, the weber was all ready to cook the turkey on so I just had to devise a plan for that roast so it would be tender and not dry.

Here is what I did. I softened a pound of butter and smeared it all over the roast. Then I smeared dijon mustard over the butter. Next I covered the whole works with a very thick layer of kosher salt. I inserted a meat thermometer into the prime rib and placed it on the weber. I let it cook slowly until the temperature reached 155-degrees. I took the roast off the weber. Now it looked horrible, but after it sat for awhile and the black salt layer was peeled off man alive was that ever a juicy, melt-in-your mouth hunk of prime rib! I will be making a rib roast like that more often!!

Everything I write about is from personal observation and life experiences. I love to cook and prepare foods in different ways. I like sharing my experiences about food and cooking. My website was created because of my interest in quality cookware and cooking.


Challah Bread or Another Way With Prime Rib Roast?

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