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What do we know about How To Keep Kosher In Asia at Kosher Bread Pro ? We know it’s a hot topic for Kosher Baking.

About How To Keep Kosher In Asia

Sunrise Period 2b,2c and 3 of asia-domains has started at November 13th.

SR2b: General Marks Sunrise for newer trademarks (applied for before December 6, 2006) or marks that have not yet been actively used.

SR2c: Extended Protection for trademark owners to protect their brands beyond the term itself but also domain names that are relevant to their lines of businesses: e.g. XYZ.Asia and XYZcomputers.Asia.

Sunrise 3 (SR3) allows companies in the region to protect and use their name with the asia-domain.

These possibilities shall be extended.See–FINALDRAFT-2007-10-12.pdf

You can also register an asia-domain, if your trade mark has a suffix of a top level domain. can be registered, if your trade mark protects

Registered Name Holders of certain ccTLD extensions in Asia may apply for the same asia-domain during SR3. No further documentary evidence needs to be submitted unless requested by the .ASIA Registry.- The Applicant must declare the particular ccTLD extension the SR3 application is based on.- The WHOIS information obtained at the ccTLD registry should correspond with the Registrant Contact information submitted.- The Domain Name Applied for must correspond to the Entity Name.

Applicable ccTLDs include,,,, and others. A list of the applicable ccTLD extensions is included in Appendix A of the Special Advisory.

Interested readers can see more details there:–2007-11-09.pdf

Hans-Peter Oswald

Hans Peter Oswald is CEO of the ICANN accredited Registar Secura.Secura is accredited at ICANN for all generic Top Level Domains. Secura can register all generic top level domains

and all active country domains


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