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About Jewish Food Restrictions

As of the 7th January this year all those who are flying out from any UK airports have had the restrictions relaxed with regards to hand luggage on flights. In August 2006 the British Government chose to bring in hand luggage restrictions from UK airports because of terrorist threats. But as well as restricting the amount of hand luggage that passengers were able to take on board a flight other restrictions were also imposed.

So not only were people restricted from taking more than one piece of hand luggage on board the flight they were also restricted from taking other types of products on the flight. One such restriction placed on passengers was that they were not allowed to carry any kinds of fluids on to the flight. This was because it was feared that a terrorist would then be able to carry on board the components with which they could assemble a bomb or weapon whilst the flight was in the air.

However because of these restrictions it actually made things rather difficult for certain groups of passengers. The main groups of people who were parents with young children or those who were required to take medication. In many cases parents with young children taking a flight were forced to get rid of any food or drinks that they had prepared for their child before boarding the flight. This then resulted in many of them not having anything to provide to their child when they became hungry.

But when the government realized what major problems this was causing they were forced to change their ruling and relax the restrictions. So rather than there being a complete ban on any kind of fluid or food being taken onto the flight there was a limit to how much was allowed. Today on any flight a person has the right to carry in their hand luggage 100ml of gels, pastes or food stuffs.

Now let us get back to the issue of hand luggage restrictions in UK airports, upon writing this article you should find that now all airports have lifted these and will now allow you to take more than one piece of hand luggage on to a flight. However, in some cases you may find that these restrictions may take a little longer to be changed simply because there are issues that the Airport may be having with the Department of Transport. Certainly of all the major airports in the UK it looks as if London’s’ Gatwick Airport is likely to be one of the last to lift such restrictions.

But even though hand luggage restrictions from UK airports have been lifted by the airports themselves the actual airlines may still have their own in place. Therefore it is important before arriving at the airport for your flight you discover what restrictions the airline company has in place if any.

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Challah Bread or Jewish Food Restrictions?

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