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About Jewish Sympathy Food

Whenever you attend a funeral of a loved one or a friend, the funeral home is usually decorated with flowers in vibrant colors. In a study conducted by the Virginia Polytechnic Institute, people believe that the sympathy flowers help divert the grief that they are undergoing. The cards attached help remind you that even though there are people who were unable to attend, thoughts of the deceased are still on their minds. The sympathy flowers that mourners send to the recently deceased are a simple way to commemorate and honor a beautiful life.

If you plan to send some sympathy flowers, it might be wise to consider certain aspects such as cultural differences and the differences between faiths. Generally for different cultures or religions, sympathy flowers are accepted and welcomed, and some actually are more encouraged then others. However, you have to be careful that sometimes there are differences, even within the same religion. For example, in Islam, some believe that the Islamic emphasis on simplicity makes the giving of elaborate flowers during a funeral unnecessary, and simple arrangements are preferred. Another example is a Jewish funeral, where flowers are encouraged and appropriate, but they should not be arranged in the form of a cross or crucifix.

It is also not advisable to send out synthetic flowers. If you are limited financially, there are various sympathy flowers that are for low budgets. You would be able to find bud vases, table arrangements, standing arrangements, sprays, casket drapes, wreaths, planters, and other designs that you can select from that can give a more personalized feel. You can also choose the type of flower, the difference in color, and the style of the flower arrangement. Among all available designs, garden basket planters are gaining in popularity.

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Challah Bread or Jewish Sympathy Food?

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