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About Kosher Dairy Recipes

Lactose intolerance is caused by the body not being able to digest lactose, which is a milk sugar. People with from lactose intolerance suffer cramps, bloating, nausea and similar symptoms when they eat or drink dairy products.

While there are dietary supplements available to assist people with lactose intolerance, many people use diet alone to control their symptoms, always looking to eat good food even without dairy products in them. As a result, there are numerous delicious dairy-free recipes available both online and in bookstores.

In addition, because lactose intolerance is so common, there are numerous websites dealing with lactose intolerance, from professional-looking sites to small homey family sites sharing their advice, experience and lactose-free recipes.

To find them, use your favorite search engine and simply search for ‘lactose free recipes‘ or ‘dairy free recipes‘ and you will find hundreds of thousands of them.

One of the most popular, Recipezaar, has almost 2,800 lactose-free recipes ‘prepared without any milk, cheese, butter, or other dairy product’. Submitted and reviewed by users, these dairy free recipes can be sorted by course (such as Main Dish, Desserts), cuisine (such as Asian, Mexican), occasion (such as Dinner Party, Potluck), and ingredient (such as Seafood, Cheese, Chocolate), and offer a wide variety for your eating pleasure.

For those who prefer bound cookbooks, a search of online bookstore for ‘lactose-free recipes‘ results in almost 50 cookbooks with hundreds of recipes while Barnes and Noble has 45 of them, all reasonably priced.

In addition to recipe and meal planning sites, lactose intolerance-focused websites such as provide other excellent free resources, such as listings of non-dairy products by brand name…making it easier for you to identify acceptable products when you go shopping. Since dairy products are used in so very many things in the United States, including items like lunch meat, candy and medicine, knowing what can be eaten or used safely is a real plus.

It used to be that people who were lactose intolerant were destined to eat boring meals in order to be able to avoid the uncomfortable results of eating dairy products. Now, with the use of the Internet and the willingness of others to share their recipes, lactose intolerant diners and their families no longer have to do without delicious meals all year round.

If you or a family member suffer from lactose intolerance, you may want to consider the Lactagen program. It has been clinically proven to cure lactose intolerance in 38-days. After the 38-days, you should be able to enjoy dairy products again without the need to take supplements like Lactaid again.

You can learn more about Lactagen today by visiting the Lactagen Review Center at .


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