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About Kosher Meat

A lot of people have heard of halal meat, which means the only type of meat that Muslims consume. Many people don’t know however what “halal meat” means and what constitutes meat as being as halal – or the exact opposite – haram. The concept is very similiar to “kosher” that Jews abide by.

The following introduces the concept of halal meat to those who are not familiar with it

The following conditions are necessary for halal slaughter:

1. Only fish can be consumed without being slaughtered, everything else must be slaughtered before being consumed.

2. Meat will not be considered halal if it is slaughtered by a Zoroastrian, someone who left Islam after accepting it or someone who worships idols.

3. Slaughtering is allowed with anything which has a sharp edge: this does not include a bone, tooth, claw or the like.

4. The gullet and windpipe of the animal must be cut. It is not necessary to cut the carotid arteries.

5. If the person in charge of slaughtering forgets to cut the windpipe or the gullet and the animal dies, it is considered haram.

6. The slaughterer must cut swiftly.

The following are considered as recommended only:

1. To turn the animal towards the direction of Makkah, facing the Qiblah.

2. The knight should not be blunt.

3. To cut really fast (meaning very, very fast).

4. To say “Bismillah”.

5. To send blessings on the Prophet (s.a.w).

6. To cut the arteries on both sides of the neck.

I hope this information gives youa better understanding of what halal meat is all about.

Areeb Bajwa writes articles to inform the public of various Islamic issues. He lives in Mississauga in Ontario, Canada and suggests this page for Halal restaurants Mississauga


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