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About Kosher Recipes Easy Soups For Shabbos

I have a few creature comforts that make shabbos easier and the preparation that is involved Friday afternoon.

1. Snacks
2. Shabbos robe
3. Hot Plate/Blech
4. Hot water pot

I hope they help you too!

Let’s get started.

1. Snacks- I always make sure I have snacks prepared on Friday for Shabbos. That way the kids can be occupied with a little baggie in shul, or Friday night while I’m busy with the other child.

I put up a pot of popcorn. It’s such a fun cozy snack and I so look forward to curling up with a bowl Friday night after my husband has gone to shul. I use a regular pot, greased with olive oil. I first put in 1 kernel of popcorn, cover it. Wait for that one to pop. When that kernel pops, I add all of the other kernels, about 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup of popcorn kernels.

I let it sit covered in the pot all Shabbos. My 3 and 2 year old both have a bag or 2 of it, in shul, after naptime, for dessert at lunch. And it’s pretty healthy.

You do not have to use popcorn, we sometimes make hard boiled eggs to have for our Shabbos snack.

You can pick a snack your family likes and make enough of it to last over Shabbos. Having a snack ready-made without needing to think about it on Shabbos, is a way to make Shabbos easier.

2. Shabbos Robes- Shabbos is a time that we seem to be changing clothes a lot. Friday afternoon we get into Shabbos clothes, Shabbos morning, after our nap, etc.

You may already know about “Shabbos Robes”. For women and girls, these cushy robes are made to look like a beautiful dress (sometimes even a gown).

I always wore a Shabbos robe and now my 3 year old wears one too.

And the Shabbos robe makes our life so much easier, think about it: Friday afternoon instead of me wondering, what is my daughter going to wear this week? I tell her, go put on your Shabbos robe. Shabbos morning, while she is playing before shul she puts on her Shabbos robe. Lately, she wears it to shul every week. We come home, have lunch, take a nap and when she wakes up, it goes on again.

If guests come over in the afternoon I do not have to worry that us girls are dressed nicely, we put on our robes! If you don’t think it is nice to wear a robe on Shabbos, just wear it when you are lounging around, not to shul or at the table. You’ll see, it is very handy to jump out of the shower and change into.

And some of them look even fancier than your complete Shabbos wardrobe! Make shabbos easier on yourself by getting the women and girls in your family a Shabbos robe.

3. Hot food on Shabbos- Most of you know that you cannot heat up food on Shabbos. There are lots of laws regarding “blechs” and ways to heat up food on Shabbos.

Many people just serve cold chicken and the only hot dish is in their crock pot. I also have a crock pot soup, but it is not the only hot food I have!

I have a hot plate, or a “plata”. I don’t have to worry about covering the knobs, or keeping my gas flame on all Shabbos with a metal piece on top.

I don’t have to shift around food to decide which gets the hottest.

My food all sits on the plata that is plugged into a regular outlet, and the food gets VERY HOT. I always have hot food on Shabbos and I don’t have to program a “Shabbos mode” in my oven (I do have that but this is a lot easier)

We used to have a smaller hot plate from Target with a knob, but we always had to cover the know and it was really too small, and on top of that it broke!

So this hot plate made in Israel, really makes shabbos easier for us because we like hot food and don’t have to worry about covering knobs or flames going out.

4. Tea and Coffee-I have an instant hot water dispenser that I leave on all week long. We’ve never had a problem in 6 years of our pot being on all week long and all Shabbos too. It’s delightful not to have to fill up an urn and take it down after Shabbos, we always have hot water.

I have both the very large one and the miniature one, my husband takes it to his office so he can always have hot water.

We are big tea drinkers if you couldn’t tell and there’s nothing we love more than after Friday night dinner having a cup of tea and being cozy on the couch.

I’ll keep you posted with more of my Shabbos comforts that make Shabbos easier.

Rivka Slatkin is the founder of Jewish Life Organized and started it when she herself was looking to organize the Jewish Holidays. Rivka did a lot of research on how others organizing the Yomim Tovim and posted her findings on her website for her friends and family. Lots more people found and wanted copies of the Yom Tov Perfectly Organized Collection. “I guess I wasn’t the only one looking to get more organized for the holidays!”, Rivka says. Go to to sign up for Rivka’s free newsletter.


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