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Wine can be a complicated topic. Some people have no idea about wine. Knowing the different types of wine will help you to make a more educated choice the next time you are out buying a bottle.

Wines from the United States are named first for the type of grape used in them and then for the place they were made. European wines are named by the place they were made and then by the type of grape. This simple explanation will help you to immediately define a domestic wine from an imported wine.

The different types of wines are based upon what is used to make them and sometimes by the process in which they are made. The following list explains each type of wine.

Red wine – These wines are made form dark skinned grapes.

White wine – This wine is made from light skinned grapes or from dark skinned grapes whose skins have been removed prior to processing.

Rose wine- This is made from leaving the skins on dark grapes just so the wine is tinted and then removing them.

Sparkling wine or champagne- This is made as a regular wine and then goes through a second fermentation process.

Dessert wines – These are made the same as the others, but have a higher sugar content.

Fruit wines – These wines are made from fruit other than grapes.

Agricultural wine – This type of wine is made from agricultural products other than fruit or grains.

Kosher wine – Made for those of the Jewish religions, these wines follow a rabbinical production process.

Organic wines – This type is made from grapes that are grown organically.

Nonalcoholic wines – These wines start as a traditional wine and then go through additional processing to remove almost all of the alcohol.

When choosing a wine you really should go from your personal preference. Taste the wine and consider its flavor and the flavor of the food you are pairing it with. You do not want the wine to overpower the food. The idea is that the wine complements the food. If you are unsure be aware that most people agree that champagne goes with anything.

Knowing a little background on wine ca help you to make a nmore informed decision when you go to buy. You should have an idea of the general type of wine you want before you go. Once you get to the store, taste and think. You should have no problem choosing your own wine.

A beginners guide to choosing wine was written by Craig Dawber, Find out all you need to know about food and drink, wine and spirits on this web-site


Challah Bread or Online Kosher Wine?

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