Seven Awesome Kitchen Gadgets

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What do we know about Seven Awesome Kitchen Gadgets at Kosher Bread Pro ? We know it’s a hot topic for Kosher Baking.

About Seven Awesome Kitchen Gadgets

Everyone who cooks can use some of these practical, time saving kitchen tools. While you can get by with a bare bones kitchen and a few old pots and pans, a lot of dishes are harder to make or more time consuming to prepare. The items in this list can free up some of your time, help you make delicious meals, store leftovers and even make the kitchen a fun place. So without further ado, here are some of my favorite kitchen gadgets. I hope you like them.

1. Bread Maker
Imagine getting up in the morning to the smell of freshly baked bread, ready for you to take out of the machine and slice up for toast or for lunch sandwiches. And all you had to do was load the ingredients the night before, then set the timer.

2. Automatic Coffee Maker
This goes well with the bread maker. Add coffee grounds and water, set the clock and have coffee waiting for you when you stumble out of bed in the morning. Rise and shine!

3. High Quality Knife Set
I used to make do with an old set of mismatched knives given to me without a knife block. Some of the handles were loose, and they had to be stored in a drawer. The new set sits on the counter top. The edges stay sharp longer, and the set contains knives for most needs. More room in the drawer, too.

4. Plastic Food Containers
With a set of containers for food storage, saving leftovers is much easier. Many have lids with vents, for use in microwaves. Another way to use them is to freeze food for future use. They look better than old margarine and yogurt containers, too.

5. Immersion Blender
These hand-held gadgets can be placed in large drinking glasses, pots, or mixing bowls. You can mix drinks, baking ingredients, gravies or even whip potatoes. They take up less space and are easier to clean than traditional blenders as well.

6. Toaster Oven
A toaster oven can cook toasted items with toppings, like garlic bread and mini pizzas, as well as make toast. Small baking projects are possible too, if you don’t want to or can’t use a larger oven.

7. Sandwich Grill
For grilled cheese, tuna melts and patty melts, these grills seal the edge of the sandwich so cheese and other things can’t leak out.

These are some of the kitchen gadgets I like to use myself. For the larger items, maybe you can borrow one to test drive it before you buy. That is what I did with the bread maker. Our food containers, coffee maker and hand blender see daily use, and the toaster oven and sandwich grill once or twice a week. All in all, a good investment for my family. Happy cooking!

Tim Ebl likes to cook a variety of foods for his family and friends. His kitchen always has some new cooking project under way or in the planning, and he likes to try out new cooking tools. For more kitchen gadgets, check out Kitchen Gadgets


Challah Bread or Seven Awesome Kitchen Gadgets?

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