The Art Of Blintzes Baking

Blintzes Baking

Eliezer Secret Blintzes Recipe

In the old neighborhood there was a guy named Eliezer, he was not a great cook but every now and again he used to make his blintzes and all the kids in the neighborhood couldn’t resist the smell so we used to ask him for some, this created a tradition in which he would make blintzes and open his doors to anyone who wanted a taste.

When I started baking and making food I asked old Eliezer if he could help me make some blintzes, he refused to give me his own recipe, but insisted on having me for dinner. When I came over I was surprised to find that he had not cooked a thing, he told me that I would make blintzes for him that evening, and from that evening, making blintzes for Eliezer and listening to what he had to say about them (“Oh! This one is way too fat, it feels like bread!”, “Yes! Now I can feel the air in the blintzes, I think you are getting it”) this recipe was born, it is not Eliezer’s original recipe, but I think its close enough.

To make Blintzes you will need
500 ml1  milk
50 gram of sugar or artificial sweetener
3 fresh eggs
A Pinch of salt

Mix all of the ingredients using a blender for about two minutes until the mixture becomes smooth and consistent. Pore the mixture in a spiral movement too a pre heated pen that is lightly oiled until you have a fine thin layer.

After a minute on that fire the side of the blintzes is ready and now you should get ready flip it too the other side for an additional minute or so.

Now comes the good part, blintzes work great with both savory and sweet additions, so you can try and create whatever combination you like, here are some suggestions – garnish with nuts Fresh cinnamon. Fresh vanilla. Raisins. Figs. Apricot. Or drayed nuts.

For the classic Jewish blintzes recipe (blintzes are not exclusively Jewish food, many nations eat them in many forms and names, and it is definitely not the invention of the Jewish kitchen), take 250 gram of soft cheese. 150 gram of  comfiture. Mix, and that’s your traditional Jewish blintzes

blintzes baking step 1

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