The Dates of Passover – 2008

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About The Dates of Passover

The Hebrew dates of Passover this (and every) year are from the 15th through the 22nd of Nissan (one day less in Israel).

On the secular calendar the dates are from sundown April 19 until after dark on April 27 (oh yes, and one day less in Israel !).

The unusual circumstance is that Passover 2008 begins motzai Shabbos – at the end of the Jewish Sabbath. In other words, the first seder will take place on Saturday night, April 19, 2008.

So what? you ask. The day before Passover, the one followed immediately by the first seder, has a usual routine. When that day happens to be

Saturday – Shabbos – the routines change drastically.

Because of Sabbath restrictions:

A b’chor (firstborn son) cannot fast on Shabbos.

You cannot search for chametz on Friday night.

You cannot burn the chametz on Shabbos morning.

We can’t nullify our chametz on Shabbos.

We must nevertheless have bread of some kind for our

Shabbos meals (we can’t eat matzo yet).

By the way if this is Greek to you I have written on all of it in other articles on this site. You can also use the resource below.

Here is a summary of what to do this year:

1) Search for chametz on Thursday night after dark.

2) Burn your chametz Friday morning.

3) Ta’anis B’chorim – the fast of the firstborn – takes placeon either Thursday or Friday. Local customs vary.

4) Important: Make all preparations for the seder on Friday.Start setting the table for the seder after dark on Saturday night.This allows you to relax in the company of yourfamily all day long on Shabbos. Enjoy it!

5) Set aside rolls for your Shabbos meals.

6) The rolls should be just enough for your needs;not more than can be eaten completely.

7) Select a place to eat that can be thoroughly cleaned.

8) Consume or properly dispose of all the crumbs.

9) Finish really early – by 9:00 a.m. in some cities. (Important!)

To repeat – this is a summary only. You need more information and a knowledgeable mentor.

Have a kosher and happy Passover, 2008 (and one day less if you are from Israel!)

About the Author: Leslie Rosenberg has a long-standing professional involvement in the kosher food industry. He has extensive knowledge of the Jewish dietary laws and of kosher certification practices.

Visit for expanded information and all the necessary resources to know that you are keeping kosher and observing Passover according to the original Biblical law.


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