The Power of Goals – Gordon the Tank Engine

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What do we know about The Power of Goals at Kosher Bread Pro ? We know it’s a hot topic for Kosher Baking.

About The Power of Goals

Lately I have been studying mindset and goals, and wanted to share a Success story in our family.

Our 3 year old Quinn is potty training, and has had a huge goal to get “Gordon the tank engine”. We were having a hard time getting him accustomed to the idea of using the toilet, until one day we went to Barnes and Noble. Was it a book on Potty training you might ask???? No!! We were looking in the Kids section, and up on the top shelf, Quinn eyed a Gordon Engine toy. Quinn has always been a fan of Thomas, but this was a burning desire. For the next hour every word that came out of his mouth was “Gordon”, and it ended in a screaming fit when we tried to leave. As I was doing research on goals.I thought “Hey lets give this a shot”

So I sat Down with Quinn and told him that if he went Potty in the toilet for one week, he could have Gordon. He smiled and said “Gordon”…I said you can have it, but you have to work for it.

The next day my wife made him a chart. On the chart was a train track, with picture of Gordon. Each day that he completed his goal of going Potty in the toilet, he could move Gordon one stop closer to the end of the track. Everyday we would go over the chart and talk about Gordon. We built the dream with him, and showed him pictures, and games of Gordon online.

Well today Quinn finished his week long trek and we are going to buy Gordon tomorrow.! Congratulations Quinn!!!

So how does this apply to you and I?????

Well Quinn had a huge dream.. he wanted that train. We set a goal that was a stretch for him to achieve his dream of the toy. We tracked his daily progress and reviewed his dream VS. his actions. It wasn’t until he achieved his goal that he got his dream. You can have it, but you have to work for it.

Set goals..track it daily.. review your goals…make your dream come true!!!

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