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About Appropriate Wedding Party Favors

Not many people think of these as wedding party favors, but in the Jewish tradition, all attendees receive the religious head coverings appropriate to their gender. These are almost invariably embossed in gold with the names of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding ceremony and reception. While the name of these head coverings is really ‘kippa’, they are surely keepers, in the sense that they are not expected to be returned.

The second party favor at Jewish religious weddings is the embossed prayer books at each place in the dining room so that all can participate in the traditional reading of the grace after meals. If you are planning a Jewish wedding, you can consider these to be your wedding party favors. Since they are quite traditional and only the cover of the prayerbook is overprinted with the names and other pertinent details of the wedding ceremony, the price of these is quite reasonable.

On the other hand, if you are not planning a Jewish wedding, these will be of no use to you. I would assume that if you are planning an ethnocentric wedding of some other kind, there would be something specifically appertaining to that culture that would be fitting and traditional to distribute as a wedding favor to all your guests.

If you are into research and want to find out more about the wedding ceremony of various cultures, you could probably find a gift which suits your personality and budget and would enlighten your guests with regard to the cultures and traditions of others. You can be sure that local and national museums and historical societies will be willing allies in helping you find something that is both special and culturally significant for you to give to the guests at your nuptials.

One of the traditional wedding party favors that has fallen out of favor, pun intended, is book matches or box matches with the inscription that would make them a souvenir of your wedding reception. As smoking has become unacceptable socially, so have matches and ashtrays. What are your children going to think about the wedding party favors which you hand out at your wedding? Who knows, but it is a good idea to set a good example.

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