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About Jewish Passover Food

Passover is an important Jewish holiday and is celebrated in line with Nisan 14 on the original Jewish calendar, falling sometime in March or April. While it is a solemn holiday with several traditions involved, and it can be difficult to get children to express interest, fun themed crafts could catch their attention and allow parents and other adults to better instill the values and teach the history of the holiday to youths.

In commemoration of the release of the Jewish people from Egyptian captivity and the birth of the Children of Israel, the name Passover is taken from the 10th plague, in which the Angel of Death saw the lamb’s blood on the doors of the Jewish families and passed over those houses, not killing the first born. One craft that might be of relevance to the Passover could be a depiction of each of the 10 Plagues of Egypt that led to the release of the Jewish people from captivity so they could take their place as God’s people.

Another interesting craft that could be considered during Passover is to help decorate matzo cookies, baked with the required unleavened flours and materials that are traditional during this 7-8 day observance (length depends on location and orthodox). These cookies can be decorated with icing and sprinkles in any configurations preferred, allowing family members to let loose their creativity.

Passover is an essential celebration in which Jewish families partake, thanking the Lord for their lives and the lives of their first born. Engaging in crafts can instill this faith in children so that in the future they pass on the tradition to their families.

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Challah Bread or Jewish Passover Food?

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