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The work party is usually a simple affair that lets your co-workers and employees relax and celebrate a big win or a holiday. However, cooking space at the office is limited so your work menu needs to be very easy to put together. Try out a simple but tasty deli sandwich menu.

You can make up a batch of tasty Roast Beef, Ham and Vegetarian sandwiches for the attendees of your work party. Fruit Kabobs are an easy to make and highly portable appetizer or dessert for the guests to eat. Plus, a salad is also easy to make and great for the light eaters at your work party. Throw in a couple trays of cookies, a bowl of chips and some sodas and you’ve got a great looking buffet.

Gourmet Roast Beef Deli Sandwich

You’ll need for this work party delish-dish the following: large loaf crusty Italian Bread, 1 pound deli roast beef, rare, Dijon mustard, freshly cracked black peppercorns, pinch of coarse kosher salt, provolone cheese, sliced, red onion, sliced, kosher dill pickles, Arugula leaves, washed and trimmed.

Simply layer all of the ingredients between two halves of the crusty Italian Bread for a fantastic work party buffet sandwich. Try to make this within a few hours of your work party and hold off on the Dijon mustard until the last minute to keep the bread from getting soggy. You can also add some sliced black olives and slice pickles as a garnish for the sandwich, but put them on the side so the co-workers can add them as they like and they won’t make the bread soggy.

This along with the fruit kabobs makes a healthy and well-rounded menu selection for your work party. Make sure you also pick up some of our paper party goods for that buffet table!

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Challah Bread or Kosher Menu?

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