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Of all the silly laws in the World New York City is now about to reach the epitome of political correctness and liberalism. There is going to be a vote on whether restaurants should be allowed to sell food with transfat in it? Does this mean we will say that the Restaurant Food in NYC Tastes Horrible due to the No Transfat Law?

If you will recall Berkeley, California passed a law that only organic shade tree coffee could be sold in their fine city. Yes there is actually a law and all coffee shops must comply, even Starbucks. Yes, Starbucks has shade grown coffee beans; do not worry.

Of course we all also remember the crazy Canadian lawsuit that was served on McDonalds Corporation that they coerced people to order Super Size Meals, which made people fat. Remember that? No the lawsuit did not hold water, but it is merely the thought of it really and the fact that people rather than exercising to stay thin they are suing McDonalds for making them eat fattening foods?

It is hard to comprehend what New York City is thinking in all of this really and to even consider such a law seems rather disconcerting to freedom and free will and never the less this is what is happening in the real world and that is the craziest story of the year. So consider all this in 2006.

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