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Eurogerm USA’s wide offer of technological, sensorial and nutritional bakery Ingredients & Pastry Mixes enables Artisan Bakers to answer to their markets expectations and beyond. Visit the Eurogerm Bakery Ingredients & Pastry Mixes Shop.

Eurogerm Bakery Ingredients & Pastry Mixes

Eurogerm USA is a subsidiary of international bakery and milling ingredient company Eurogerm S.A. based in Dijon, France. Eurogerm S.A. began its journey in 1989 formulating and producing cereal and enzyme based milling ingredients in France. The knowledge of wheat and flour analysis combined with excellent know-how of the all the functional ingredients allowed Eurogerm to establish itself in the French milling industry very quickly. Eurogerm later applied the ingredient technology in bakery applications producing and selling functional ingredients such as dough conditioners, shelf-life extenders, and ingredients to enhance application specific attributes such as crustiness, softness, flavor and texture.

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