Tips For Kentucky Style Fried Chicken

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About Tips For Kentucky Style Fried Chicken

There would have to be more recipe variations for fried chicken than for any other type of chicken cooking method. Here we are going to go over some basic tips that are employed by the professionals to get great tasting fried chicken somewhat like Kentucky Fried style. Accurate and authentic tasting Kentucky Style fried chicken recipes are hard to find but here are some pointers to get you in the right direction.

1. Southern style fried chicken recipes often start with the chicken pieces being marinated for a length of time prior to being floured. Often recipes will suggest that you soak the chicken pieces in buttermilk for several hours or longer. This process helps to tenderize the chicken and and prepare it for coating.

2. To enhance the crispiness and lightness of the fried chicken, you can use self raising flour over say plain flour. Or you could use a mixture of the two.

3. Make sure the oil you are using is very hot, you should ideally use a dedicated deep frying electric pan, or alternatively use a heavy cast iron pan that will hold the heat of the oil at a stable temperature. Always take care when frying chicken or any other frying as the placement of the pieces will cause spatter and hot oil can cause serious burns.

4. Add your seasoning to the flour mixture then add that to a plastic bag and coat your chicken pieces within the bag, this is a simple and no mess way to coat the chicken pieces easily.

5. Take care when lowering the chicken down into the oil. Cooking time will depend on the size of the piece you are cooking, obviously chicken wings will take the shortest time and larger thigh pieces will take longer. Aim to get the coating nice and golden brown, you can always test the first piece to see how well cooked it is and apply it to the rest of the pieces.

Getting Kentucky style chicken seasoning right is a big ask. After all those secret herbs and spices are supposed to be secret. You can however get some very close tasting approximations of the recipe through copycat restaurant recipe books. Most will utilize ingredients that while probably not 100 percent accurate , still give you a great tasting fried chicken that is very close in taste to the original.

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