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What do we know about Butt What? at Kosher Bread Pro ? We know it’s a hot topic for Kosher Baking.

About Butt What?

See that before you get scared off thinking the Pork Butt actually comes from the rear, relax it comes from the shoulder, right above the picnic, which is used to make Hams.

Referred to by other names this savory cut is also known as: a Boston shoulder roast, Boston roast, Boston butt, Shoulder butt, and Shoulder blade roast. Another thing to know before buying one is do you want the bone? A Bone in cut is good for a slow roast or even pulled pork but unless you are a master with the boning knife you will most likely want the boneless pork butt.

Lets look at the versatility of a pork butt, I am a restaurant chef and use it in various shapes and forms every day. Some examples are; Roast Pork for an entree or leftovers for a Pork Sandwich known as the Cubano. I cut it and roast in for boneless riblets, also very slow roasted for BBQ Pulled Pork. If you grind it you can add it to a meat sauce or stuff it in prepared wonton skins for Pork Wontons and Shu Mai. Also either the roasted or ground leftovers can make a wonderful filling for Steamed Asian Pork Buns.

The first thing you really want to do with this cut is to Brine it. The brine solution not only intensely flavors the meat, but also add water to the tissue so when you do cook it for long periods of time, the meat stays delicious and succulent. A brine solution is as easy as adding 1 cup of kosher salt to every gallon of water and letting it marinate submerged for at least 6 hours. Sugar is another good ingredient in brining then add some spices that will be highlighted in you finished dish, or just a few bay leaves for a subtle aroma.

So in this recipe I brine, dry rub, then wet mop even if I go Asian with it

Boneless Riblets

3 # boneless pork butt
1 gallon water
1 cup kosher salt
1 cup sugar
1 cup cajun spice or togarashi seasoning
Favorite BBQ Sauce or Sweet Soy Glaze (like ketchup manis, Indonesian Soy Sauce)

Cut the fat cap off and cut into 3 portions, brine in the water with salt and sugar for 6 hours to overnight

Drain and pat dry, dust with seasoning and roast at 350 for 20 minutes or until just slightly pink

Cool and cut into bite sized “Riblets” for service broil with BBQ or Sweet Soy glaze to toast spices and crisp any fat.

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Challah Bread or Butt What??

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